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What Is Stolen Device Protection for iPhone? How to Enable It

January 24, 2024

Stolen Device Protection can help keep your iPhone's most sensitive data safe from thieves by requiring biometric authentication in addition to a passcode and, for some of the most important actions—such as changing your Apple ID password—adding a one-hour security delay. Here's why you should turn this feature on right now and how to do it.

How to Use Backtrack on Apple Watch to Retrace Your Steps

Nov 17, 2023

Backtrack lets you retrace your steps using just your Apple Watch, even with no internet connection. Here's how to set up and use this handy feature.

How to Turn Off Siri Suggestions on Your iPhone

Nov 9, 2023

If you don't like the apps and content that Siri is suggesting on your iPhone, read this guide to learn how to turn off Siri Suggestions entirely or only for certain apps.

How to Disable the Suggested Contacts Row in Your iPhone’s Share Sheet

Oct 5, 2023

Are you getting fed up with those annoying contact suggestions in your iPhone share sheet? Here's how to turn them off.

How to Discover New Songs Using Apple Music Playlists and Stations

October 28, 2022

With so much music out there to discover on streaming services, it can seem intimidating to try looking for new songs, albums, and artists you'll love. Once you learn how to use Apple Music's playlists and stations, though, finding new music on the service becomes much easier than you think.

How to Create Deep Links to Specific Apple Notes on iOS

December 9, 2021

The Notes app on iOS has become a powerful note-taking environment, with rich support for multimedia, formatted text, tables, and more. But it still lacks a key feature: linking from one note to another.

There is a workaround to this missing feature, one so convoluted it feels like a hack. Here's how to do it.

Introducing the New M1 iPad Pro: Everything You Need to Know

April 22, 2021

An M1 processor, an improved display, new cameras, and more, here's everything that changed with the new iPad Pro.

14 Trackpad Gestures to Start Using on Your iPad

March 13, 2021

With iPadOS you can use a trackpad with your iPad for a better way to interact with your apps. There's even a whole host of different trackpad gestures you can use to effortlessly access system features. Here's a guide to swiping your way around iPadOS.

The NYC Subway: Endless Repairs and a Desperate Future

June 7, 2018

The New York City subway opened in 1904 and moves almost six million people every day. Today, delays and congestion taint the image of this engineering marvel. In one of the busiest cities in the world, why can't the MTA keep its trains running smoothly?

Small Ways to Save Big Money in Your Home

March 29, 2018

Forget throwing out the air conditioners and taking cold showers. Simple changes in your home and routine can add up to major long-term financial savings.

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